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Our mission is to create healthy Vegan food that is convenient & delicious. We at Tastebuds treat you, our Client, like a member of our family. Whether your reason for choosing Tastebuds custom plans is for health & wellness, weight loss, dietary restrictions or simply because you love to eat good food, we will feed your body while delighting your Tastebuds.        

When you gain freedom from the chains of mediocrity and give yourself the license to really fall in love with food, it allows you the passionate connectivity to everything you cook or create. 
This freedom produces an amazing feeling of transparency with your art; because that is what food is, art. It frees  the soul and allows you as an artist to grow. 
When you have naturally beautiful food that shines without sparkles and feeds other people's souls with goodness, you have produced a masterpiece.

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Please order your meal plan & selections as soon as possible so we can put your order in the delivery schedule.

Pallutive and other customized meal plans will be created on a one to one basis with the client.

1)$75 includes:
2 lunches
2 dinners
2 snacks

2)$100 includes:
3 lunches
3 dinners
3 snacks

 3)$125 Includes:
4 lunches
4 dinners
4 snacks

 4)$150 Includes:
5 lunches
5 dinners
5 snacks